Our Company

NETWAYS GmbH supports companies in managing complex IT Infrastructures on the basis of open source software since 1995.

Our portfolio covers consulting and support for many open source products, development services, hosting and managed services, events and trainings as well as the sales of monitoring- and alarming hardware.

Above and beyond, NETWAYS also organizes conferences and training courses on open source monitoring and data center solutions. The Open Source Monitoring Conference, with about 250 attendees per year from all around the world, has grown to be the leading conference for open source monitoring software – especially Icinga. The Open Source Data Center Conference, dealing with open source solutions for data centers and large IT infrastructures too established with attendees from all over the world since the first event in 2009.

Our Trainings

We have developed our training material based on years of experience in professional service and training. To support our work, please book a ticket at NETWAYS